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Dogs are considered to be the most loyal & faithful pets one can have. This is the reason why they are considered to be man’s best friend. Most of them will be able to discover their way back to you if they wander off. There are multiple advantages of keeping a pet like a dog; they keep your loneliness at bay, they play with you like your best friend, never get bored of you, some of them are brilliant with guarding the house. Dogs are social creatures and would treat you as their family at all times, including in this serious lockdown, which is the best thing about them. We are sure your dogs are treating you really well during this lockdown and we appeal to you to treat them in the same manner. They surely must be helping you in making your quarantine better. Here are a few things that you can do and train your dogs during the lockdown.

Train Your Dog To Sit During Lockdown

The first step in training to sit is to lower your dog into position using the treat. You will hold the treat to the dog’s nose and guide him up into the sit by holding the treat up and over his head. Your end goal will be to have your dog wean off the hand signal and respond to your voice command alone.

Train Your Dog Impulse Control

This task can be extremely difficult, however, it is really important. The major obstacle in this scenario is food. If you can train your dog to have self-control around food, it can have self-control around anything in the world. You should train the dog in such a way that it should only begin eating after the food is calmly placed on the ground and not be grabbing from your hand. Such kind of impulse control falls under great mannerism.

Train Your Dog To Roll Over This Quarantine

It is surely an entertaining activity to train your dog how to roll over. Luring with a treat is a process that can also be used to train your dog on how to roll over. The objective here is to get the treatment right to the dog’s nose and bring him into a down position. At that point, you present the treat and let him have it. The next step is here to roll him over the side and repeating the same by taking the treat putting right on its nose and lifting its head in order to shift his weight to the side. The same procedure to be followed where the dog would be lured with the treat in order to again shift his weight so that it can eventually rollover.

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