Rotwiller can be the best dog you can own. Having said that, this dog is essentially a turn on dog for the families as they enjoy cuddling with the family members and sitting in the lap for day long.

Chow Chow Dog

Are you searching for a dog which is small and cute? Chow Chow dog is a breed which ultimate ends your search. A cute and cat size like height is what describes chow chow ideally.

Pitbull dog

Pitbulls are known to celebrate life and generally individuals who are to active buy them. Because of their happy go lucky and steadfast nature, pit bulls were highlighted in various movies and ad campaigns.

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Bewildered with the varied breeds you may come across for cats and dogs when you head to the nearest pet shop? Not any more.

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Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetian Mastiff is an Asian breed of Mastiffs ,as this breed is commonly found in likes of Tibet, Nepal and other Asian parts.

Toy Bulldog

The Toy Bulldog is an extinct dog breed that existed in England during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

English Mastiff

The English Mastiff is one dog you may consider, as it may fulfill all the requirements.The mastiff is a stately yet genial creature.

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Golden Retriever

Chow-Chow Dog

Rhodesian Ridgeback

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